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Expedited Mail Shipping Services

Expedited Mail Shipping Services


Faster Deliveries, Reduced Costs for Parcel and Mail Service

Through this unique postal expediting service, Eastern Connection will pick up your flats, priority, and bound printed material and then, sort, and deliver it to local mail centers. There, it enters the USPS delivery network for expedited hand delivery to the final destination. This value-added express mail service saves you time and postage costs, and it can cut your labor and equipment costs as well. 


Our Commitment

Through our innovative business model, EC Expedited Mail collects business customers’ flats, priority, light-weight parcels, and bound printed mail pieces, individually processes it and places it into the USPS delivery network for nationwide overnight mail delivery, or arrival within one to four days. 


Three Easy Steps

  1. Pickup:  EC Expedited Mail picks up at your location and delivers to local mail centers.
  2. Process:  The mail and parcels are processed and entered into the USPS delivery network for expedited delivery.
  3. Delivery and Distribution:  USPS hand delivers your mail to your customers


In addition to our priority overnight mail delivery, ground, and other special services, EC Expedited Mail provides many value-added benefits to our business customers, including: 

  • Labor savings
  • Cost reduction for mailing equipment and service contracts
  • Improved delivery through address changes
  • Postage savings
  • Management cost reporting for internal and external charge-backs
  • Tracking and confirmation of each mail piece.